• We make integration on multiple platforms, using different tools such as Google Apps. It is a tool running in the cloud computing service, offering popular Google applications, such as, for example, Gmail, Google, Google Docs. Thanks to the integration, we are able to increase productivity and efficiency on the given area. We also integrate e-commerce platforms, both from the side of the e-marketing by integrating e-shop with multiple portals, such as Ebay, Allegro or with tools, for example Google Analytics, as well as from the side of management of the e-shop using e.g. BaseLinker software. Thanks to the integration with the BaseLinker, the owners of e-shops can efficiently manage the entire sales system, orders, finance, documentation. These solutions significantly improves the operation for e-shops, as many of the steps are automated and streamlined. We approach the integration comprehensively and we adapt to client’s individual guidelines.

    Tools we use include

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    Base Linker

    Internet Sales Management System, that allows for the integration of the shop with eBay or Allegro.
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    Google Apps

    A tool provided by Google, among others: Gmail, Google Docs.